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Knowledge for Informed Decisions®


  • A strategy that allows you to achieve a superior position
  • Stronger litigation stance
  • Prevent your client from getting involved with the wrong company or individuals
  • Fend off undesirable takeovers
  • Appraising the value of the witness
  • Help in guiding the intangibles that arise during litigation
  • Assist in recovery of damages from offending parties

 Our Services

  • Consultation: The assignment is prefaced by a detailed study of the underlying issues and formulation of a supporting strategy to achieve a superior position, with clearly stated objectives and recommendations for their realization.
  • Due Diligence: Prior to becoming involved in mergers, acquisitions, or ventures, it is vital to properly define the potential partner. A comprehensive historical analysis might produce signs of management deficiencies or incompatibilities. Our experienced professionals help you avoid partners that are a bad fit for your client.
  • Research: With decades of combined experience, our professionals are adept at building extensive profiles on companies and persons by means of our proprietary databases and worldwide network of sources and associates. This information is often used to make informed decisions regarding mergers, acquisition or venture partners, and planning of litigation.
  • Surveillance: Observation and documentation of illicit activities can be crucial to building a case against those who do harm to your client. Our investigators specialize in fixed and mobile coverage, and are proficient in preparation of evidence, which can help your client prevail in court.
  • Litigation Support: As litigation is planned and put into action, questions might arise about various technical aspects of the case. Having professionals that can obtain answers allows the attorney to focus on the primary aspects of the case. Our many years of teamwork with attorneys, along with a vast network of experts and consultants, can solidify the unknown variables.
  • Undercover Operations: Proving illicit practices that are harmful to your client can require an approach involving the imaginative creation of solid cover identities to entice the offender into a relationship. Our operatives are experienced in gaining the confidence of criminals in a way that helps to document, prosecute, and recover damages.
  • Source Inquiries: With more than a century of combined experience in corporate, criminal, and military intelligence gathering, our investigators have developed and maintained a wealth of reliable sources in a vast array of professional sectors. We routinely refer to our sources for intelligence that is not widely available. This network can help to enhance your knowledge.

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