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Owners and top executives are often handsomely compensated for their efforts. Many times this is the result of countless hours of night and weekend work that is unseen by the rank and file. In such an instance, it is only natural that one might feel justified to purchase a long-desired exotic vehicle or other indulgence.

Over the years, however, the specialists at ResultQuest have witnessed how such conspicuous purchases can embitter others within the organization, especially during times when cost cutting measures have been implemented. This, in turn, can lead to a number of negative scenarios.

In one particular instance, ResultQuest was called in by the owner of a tire wholesaler to investigate a number of suspect invoices that had been approved and paid by the company controller. It was ultimately discovered that the controller had created the invoices under the auspices of fictitious businesses he had registered in another county.

When confronted, the controller admitted to the theft-rationalizing that the owner had cancelled his longstanding Christmas bonus, ostensibly due to decreased revenues. This was done despite the controller having implemented measures that had resulted in significant cost savings for the company. The owner then proceeded to show up for work the day after Christmas driving a brand new luxury sports car.

As a result of the evidence gathered by ResultQuest, the controller was criminally prosecuted and was ordered to repay the stolen funds as part of his court ordered restitution. In the end, though, the owner conceded that his decision to buy a vehicle after rescinding company bonuses was a poor choice.

Theft is never the right way to resolve a workplace grievance. If you suspect misappropriation of company assets by a disgruntled employee, call us at 713-781-9040 to discuss ways we can help you deal with the issue.