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art2-nov2015The client knows what results are desired, but not necessarily the proper steps to achieve them.

In one case worked by ResultQuest® investigators, a surveillance of an individual residing in a small community southwest of Houston was requested. The goal was to determine if the subject was disabled from a car accident, as he claimed to be. However, our client, general counsel for an insurer, resisted our recommendation to first conduct research of public records of the pertinent county, which were not available via electronic means.

After several unproductive hours observing the subject’s reported place of residence, one of our investigators was dispatched to the local courthouse and discovered a recently filed civil suit. The suit reported that the subject was employed as a coach and teacher at a specific school in adjacent Galveston County, where he also listed a previously unknown home address.

After acquiring certified copies of the relevant civil case pleadings, the surveillance team redeployed to the school, where the subject’s vehicle was spotted and monitored. Over the course of the next several days, the subject was documented arriving to and departing from school, as well as carrying out his coaching duties on a nearby sports field and conducting other activities supposedly beyond his capability.

The documentation provided to the client completely refuted the subject’s injury allegations, and he consequently dropped his claims against the insurer. If the surveillance team had not availed itself of the gift of the information from the civil suit, and had instead limited itself to covering the residence address provided by the client, the subject might have succeeded with his fraudulent demands.

This case is among many that underscore the importance of doing the proper preparatory work before embarking on extensive surveillance operations. The experienced team at ResultQuest® can be relied upon to seek out the low hanging fruit that might help effectively guide the investigative process. When you need an investigator to go above and beyond, call us at 713-781-9040.