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Knowledge for Informed Decisions®


  • A strategy that allows you to achieve a superior position
  • Ability to make better hiring and employee retention decisions
  • Stronger litigation stance
  • Capability to prove and reject dishonest claims, thus saving your client money
  • Prevent getting involved with the wrong company or individuals
  • Appraising the value of the witness
  • Handling termination issues and concerns
  • Identifying and minimizing vulnerabilities

Our Services:

  • Consultation: Each assignment begins with a detailed analysis of the facts of the case and formulation of a supporting strategy to achieve a superior position, with clearly stated objectives and recommendations for their accomplishment.
  • Background Inquiries: Implementation of effective background investigations can include the education, address history, court activities, past employment, and business affiliations of individuals. Numerous clients have called on us for such probes and we have routinely identified unsuitable job candidates or revealed character issues of current employees. In addition, we frequently uncover items from the past that undermine the claims of litigant employees or contractors and enhance our client’s position.
  • Surveillance: Observation of the activities of an individual without detection can be extremely challenging, but is often crucial to proving dishonest claims such as illness or disability.   Our specialists have extensive experience in fixed and mobile coverage, and are proficient in documenting and reporting observed actions and behavior. Rejection of fraudulent claims can save your client money.
  • Research: With decades of combined experience, our investigators are skilled in compiling extensive profiles on businesses and individuals through access to our proprietary databases and worldwide network of sources and associates to develop domestic and offshore information. This information is often used to make informed decisions regarding mergers, acquisition or venture partners, and targeting of litigation.
  • Location and/or Interview of Witnesses: We have a demonstrated ability to locate people, even those who have gone to lengths to shield their whereabouts. Furthermore, many such individuals have been developed into witnesses who provided testimony that strengthened the clients’ case.
  • Executive Protection: Termination of employees can lead to unexpected reactions and unintended consequences. Our licensed Personal Protection Officers are skilled in preparation and response during all phases of the process, from survey of the termination site to escorting the former employee from the premises. We also secure the person and property of key managers and executives when threats are made or perceived. We help your client be prepared and respond.
  • Security Consulting: Our consultants survey properties and procedures for vulnerabilities, and make recommendations for corrective actions. This is normally done in conjunction with employee termination. We help your clients identify and minimize vulnerabilities.


Call us today at (713)781-9040