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Evil Bedfellows: When the Experts Go To the Dark Side

Art2-1-16A Texas labor law firm employed ResultQuest® to investigate a group of highly trusted and compensated experts in their specialized technical field. After suddenly severing their employment with a trading firm, a resultant IT audit revealed that one member of the group stayed on just long enough to copy and abscond with the firm’s proprietary trading code—code that had been pioneered and patented by the founder of the trading firm.

Sadly, the firm’s safeguards against unauthorized duplication proved inadequate, enabling the former employees to establish a competing company using the firm’s unique code. Our investigation ultimately uncovered the full network of participants in the illicit company and subsequent litigation led to its shutdown and a substantial civil judgment, but not before millions in unjust profits had been realized.

ResultQuest® has the ability to not only assist in pursuing and bringing to justice those who steal from their employers, but also to perform the due diligence necessary to minimize the likelihood of theft. Our network of the best and brightest IT specialists are skilled at devising systems and procedures to secure your priceless proprietary data.

Contact ResultQuest® at 713-781-9040 to discuss ways to deal with those who have stolen your intellectual property, or to design and implement safeguards to protect you from theft.