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FAQ’s Business Attorney

Q:A: What services does your firm provide to business attorneys? See “Business Attorney Services.”
Q:A: How is your firm different from other investigations companies? We have extensive experience investigating issues arising from business matters, and are able to tap into more than 100 years of combined investigative experience in analyzing your case and teaming with you to develop and pursue a proactive plan. Our work is hallmarked by well written, timely reports. We also have the unique added ability to provide executive protection and security consulting services.
Q:A: Do you conduct due diligence investigations? We do, having assisted many clients considering agreements, mergers, acquisitions, or ventures. Our objective is to define the potential partner in a way that enables decision makers to properly weight costs, benefits, and risks.
Q:A: Do you provide litigation support services? Certainly – from locating defendants who are dodging civil service to collection of judgments, we have assisted in all aspects of the prosecution of cases.
Q:A: Do you conduct fraud investigations? Absolutely – we have been involved in hundreds of fraud detection probes. We have the added benefit of an in-house CPA who specializes in forensic accounting, to review financial records for signs of inconsistencies.
Q:A: How much do you charge? Our rates vary depending on the nature of the case. We normally charge on an hourly basis, and do require a retainer. For more information regarding your specific matter, please call us at 713-781-9040.
Q:A: What is the best way to contact you? Our office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We can also respond to after-hour emergencies. Please call us at (713)781-9040 or email us for a free initial consultation. See “Contact Us” for our fax number and mailing address.