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Find ‘Em First: Verify the whereabouts of the subject before conducting surveillance

One of the most unfortunate wastes of fraud investigation resources is conducting surveillance at the wrong location. Often such waste can be attributed to a failure to conduct the proper advance research to verify a subject’s residential whereabouts.

People move and people lie. Never assume that even a once-valid address applies, especially in the case of someone who is believed to be involved in fraudulent activities. Such a person might be expected to provide an old or fictitious address in order to avoid scrutiny.

In a number of cases handled by ResultQuest, targets were discovered to be reporting addresses of a relative, in order to shield their true whereabouts yet still receive critical correspondence. Others were discovered to have recruited straw tenants or intentionally sublet properties, thereby avoiding the usual “footprints” by which most folks can be tracked.

Further facilitating the concealment of one’s physical place of residence in this electronic age is the ability to access and pay accounts online without the need to have a valid address.

Although the traditional methods used to localize people are often inapplicable when it comes to those who are skilled in hiding, ResultQuest has located many through the employment of innovative techniques. An inquiry to verify where a flighty person is presently residing requires special techniques and know-how, which can require a significant investment, but one that pays off when the result is a surveillance operation that begins in the right place and yields useful information.

Investing in the research needed to correctly localize a fraud suspect prior to initiation of surveillance can actually save money while maximizing the potential to obtain relevant evidence.

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