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Over the past thirty years, ResultQuest investigators have regularly uncovered unsettling information about employees of client companies that developed well into their employment, often years – or even decades – after they were hired. Many had cleared initial background screenings.

Some of the cases we examined involved: a forklift operator who was convicted multiple times for public intoxication and driving while intoxicated, a controller who pleaded guilty to charges of shoplifting, and a director of a publicly traded corporation who had been saddled with numerous sizable IRS tax liens and several civil judgments for bad debts. These were all shocking revelations that came to light as the result of simple checks of applicable public records.

However, these problems were not discovered as the result of regular, periodic background checks. Instead, they were revealed only after an unfortunate act or occurrence triggered a probe. Such discoveries underscore the potential benefit of ongoing inquiries, especially in regard to personnel in positions of trust or authority, or where workplace safety is at stake.

It is understandable to develop trust in tenured employees who are performing at or above expectations. As a result, companies often limit scrutiny of the workforce to new hires. Nevertheless, character and behavioral problems can develop over the course of years, and are often hidden from co-workers. Telltale signs may come to light through a routine investigation.

Investing now in a comprehensive personnel background program can help detect warning indicators before they negatively impact your business.

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