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Investigations in support of legal disputes can be quite costly, especially when there is a need for intensive surveillance operations in order to gather essential evidence. Unfortunately, such a requirement can also be an opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to submit billings inflated by unnecessary, or even fabricated, coverage periods. These types of unjustified charges can significantly impact the legal budget.

In most instances, a seasoned surveillance practitioner should be able to quickly deduce and cover the most logical times in which relevant activities are likely to occur, rather than merely whiling away unproductive hours. Sitting on a stakeout for extended, useless periods wastes the client’s money, and can needlessly expose the operation to unwanted scrutiny.

Furthermore, an unprincipled investigator might charge for observation hours that were not actually worked by falsifying time sheets or other support records. Such falsification could be hard, if not impossible, to detect.

At ResultQuest we work truthfully and diligently to apply the client’s resources with maximum effect. Over the years, we have often proposed modifications to the client’s original surveillance directives that more efficiently allotted assets, yet still gained the desired results.

When faced with the decision to invest in an extensive surveillance operation, it is important that your investigator can be trusted to submit accurate and forthright billings. The ethical professionals of ResultQuest pledge honesty in invoicing, and keep your best financial interests at heart.

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