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art2-10-15A seasoned investigator should develop the discipline to avoid actions that needlessly expose your operation to risk of detection.

Typically, following the subject away from their home best reveals activities that are of interest to the client. However, situations often dictate that surveillance be employed from a vantage point that provides no direct visual access to the residence. In the event that such a mobile surveillance is planned, it is essential that passing by the home is limited to the absolute minimum.

After an investigator from another company repeatedly drove by the subject’s home in the same car on successive days, complaints of harassment were made. Then ResultQuest® was retained to conduct surveillance on this subject.

The first day of coverage our operative encountered the attentive subject on the initial pass by the home, thus leading to a decision to temporarily suspend the operation. We later discovered and employed an alternative way to check for the vehicle’s presence without driving by the home.

Eventually, we were able to successfully monitor the target on three separate days. This was accomplished by setting up along a logical route of egress from the subject’s neighborhood, employing different vehicles on each day, and using special measures to alter the appearance of the investigators as warranted.

By adopting a measured and cautious approach, we were able to provide information that helped the client prevail. To obtain the information you need to conduct a successful surveillance operation, call ResultQuest® at (713) 781-9040.