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Limiting Your Exposure in Selecting an Investigative Firm

art2sept15You want success when you hire an investigative firm. However, more fundamentally, you want the work done with a high level of professionalism and a critical eye, with limited liability. To achieve this, you need to know the following:

Is the firm licensed and in good standing with all relevant state agencies? Furthermore, does the company have a history of complaints or enforcement actions? Ascertaining that the company and all investigators working on your case hold current licensure in the applicable jurisdiction is essential. Failure to demonstrate appropriate and untainted licensing can destroy your case. ResultQuest® is a licensed firm, in good standing, with no complaints or enforcement actions.

Many states require only a minimal amount of liability insurance for investigation companies. Does your investigations firm carry an adequate amount of coverage for the assigned task? Does it include protection for errors and omissions? Do not hesitate to request a copy of the certificate of insurance. It is better to know beforehand than to be surprised in the event of a legal claim by the party being investigated. ResultQuest® carries liability insurance that exceeds the minimum legal limits and includes errors and omissions.

Is your investigator capable of understanding and intelligently addressing the matter at hand? Complex tasks require astute comprehension and a level of experience necessary to clearly analyze the issue, and to formulate and execute an effective investigative strategy. Further, the strategy must be employed in a way that does not jeopardize the admissibility of evidence. Your case is no place for on-the-job training or people who are unfamiliar with the rules of evidence. The professional team at ResultQuest® brings more than 100 years of combined investigative experience to the table to develop strategies that allow you to achieve a superior position.

Will the investigator’s work product and presentation reflect positively in a legal setting? A well-written and carefully documented report might well tip the scale in your favor. A polished witness with a good command of the language and the facts of the investigation bodes well for your case when it comes to court testimony. All investigators at ResultQuest® are professional. You will always receive a well-written and carefully documented work product, along with polished witness testimony that will reflect positively for your firm.

Can you rely on the investigator to be honest and forthright about all aspects of the case, from information collection to invoicing? Are questionable, or even illicit, strategies being utilized to acquire information? A firm that insists on strict legal and ethical standards on the part of all its personnel will give you confidence, comfort, and security in the outcome. ResultQuest® has a high ethical standard. We understand the rules of evidence and will never jeopardize your case, nor will we perform any acts that are illegal, unethical, or unprofessional.

Are you confident that your investigative matter is being handled quietly and cautiously? The last thing you need is for your case to spawn a legal claim by someone alleging defamation or harassment. A judicious investigator minimizes your liability. Confidentiality is guaranteed at ResultQuest®.

If you want an experienced, professional, ethical, discreet, licensed, and insured investigative firm that will provide you with a quality work product to achieve a superior position, look no further. Call ResultQuest® at (713) 781-9040.