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There is an old carpenter’s saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” referring to the need to plan properly before executing a task. This adage especially applies in surveillance operations. Proactive planning can mean the difference between success and failure.

ResultQuest was engaged to conduct surveillance of a plant manager who was suspected of stealing and selling the newly patented products to competitors. A comprehensive survey of the area surrounding the plant, which was conducted after-hours, revealed an uncharted dirt road leading from the back of the facility to a nearby major thoroughfare.

Due to the preliminary survey, investigators were positioned to monitor the main plant access road as well as the dirt road. The manager’s vehicle was ultimately spotted as it emerged from the dirt road and was followed to an industrial facility that was identified as a company formed by former employees of the client firm.

A subsequent operation succeeded in collecting materials that had been discarded by the competitor, including samples of a specialized filter screen that had been developed and patented by the client. In addition, photographs of a unique knitting machine, visible inside an open door of the plant, were obtained. The machine was identical to the type used by the client to create its patented product.

The evidence gathered in the course of the investigation enabled the client to terminate the plant manager and successfully pursue litigation against the competing company. Had there been no advanced survey and planning, it is doubtful that the manager’s illicit activities would have been detected.

When you hire ResultQuest to conduct surveillance, be assured that proactive planning will be a fundamental part of the operation. Call the professionals at ResultQuest at 713-781-9040 when you need surveillance conducted.