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Our Company

Our Purpose

To increase our clients’ competitive advantage so they can assume a position of superiority.

Our Mission

To deliver an investigative product that provides an advantage in litigation, mediation, or negotiation. We tap into our vast investigative experience and global resource network to analyze the client’s position, establish proper objectives, formulate and execute a plan of action, and report the results in a timely, concise, well-written and logical format.

Our Values

We are committed to a diligent pursuit of information that benefits our client. We do so in a manner that reflects the highest level of integrity, reliability, and professionalism, with a work process that is skillful and proficient, and a quality work product that is consistently clear and informative.

Integrity: An honest, forthright, and ethical approach to all investigations, communications, and invoices.

Professionalism: High standards that are reflected in all phases from initial contact to final report.

Quality: A concise and logical work product that is tailored to the specific need.

Reliability: Consistency in keeping the client apprised and delivering a quality work product.

Determination: A persistent pursuit of the facts, and unwavering dedication to meeting the client’s objectives.

Synergy: Exercising respect and empathy in teaming with the client to realize a mutually beneficial result.