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The United States, and particularly Texas, has an affinity for guns. According to a number of estimates, there are about 15 million holders of concealed handgun licenses in our nation, with Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania each having issued more than 1 million permits. In Texas, the recent “open carry” provision further allows licensees to carry an unconcealed sidearm.

This makes it increasingly likely that someone in your midst is legally carrying a sidearm. To many, this is a disturbing concept – even more so in the workplace. This is a matter that should be considered by all employers, and for which policies and procedures should be carefully formulated and implemented.

There are a number of considerations that must be weighed when crafting policies regarding firearms. The first is the safety of company personnel. You want your people to be safe, and feel safe. There are many who are deathly afraid of any weapon. On the other hand, there are those to whom shooting is second nature. A policy that accommodates both mindsets can be a difficult balancing act.

Many companies have opted for a complete weapons ban. However, a universal prohibition of guns might not be the best policy, because it removes the ability to respond to threats. An exception might be made for properly trained executives and others with military or law enforcement backgrounds.

Regardless of your policy on firearms in the workplace, it is critical that you have one. It is also essential to have your policy in written form, clearly communicated to all employees, and in compliance with state law.

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