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Pound Foolish: Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Background Probes

Art1-1-16For several years, a Houston corporate client had used ResultQuest® to conduct extensive pre-employment background investigations of job candidates. However, they opted not to perform a background regarding an individual who was hired as general counsel then eventually nominated to the board of directors.

Within a few years, several large billings for legal services approved by the subject were called into question. Our investigation ultimately revealed that these billings were from a bogus law firm that had been invented by the general counsel. When confronted, the subject disappeared and remained a fugitive for more than six months while the full extent of the fraud was untangled. It was ultimately discovered that the employer had been defrauded of several million dollars.

The former employee was eventually convicted, and fortunately a substantial portion of the assets bought with the ill-gotten proceeds was identified and ultimately recovered. However, the investigation also produced evidence that, before being hired, the subject had been disbarred as an attorney by another state due to threats made against a sitting judge during a divorce action. Had this been uncovered during the hiring process, this individual would never have been offered a job.

The specialists at ResultQuest® are skilled in recommending the proper steps in conducting adequate pre-employment background screening.

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