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Stacking the Deck: Maximizing investigative success through effective analysis

These days, the investigative process is prone to become bogged down in data. The wide array of systems and sources that supply information about companies and individuals frequently throw out volumes of chaff. Thus, separating out the kernels of wheat among the superfluous reporting requires patience, persistence, and skill.

A simple background check on a person can mushroom into a voluminous matter, especially when dealing with someone with a very common name. The ability to methodically sift through and extract pertinent findings is somewhat of an art form.

The skilled practitioners of ResultQuest® employ an analysis technique honed from thousands of inquiries, to mine the nugget that is often hidden in the electronic dredging. We have routinely located pertinent evidence that has eluded others.

In one recent case, by means of effective cross-referencing, we located a link between a corporate executive and a contractor firm owned by her mother-in-law. The arrangement was not only a violation of corporate policy against unreported nepotism; it was revealed through supplemental investigation that relevant contracts were not undergoing the proper bidding process.

On many occasions, our researchers have discovered undisclosed civil judgments or criminal convictions that were missed by high-volume, low-cost “background check” providers. Often these exposed issues were material to the client’s interests.

If your investigative needs call for more than just a quick, cheap name check, call the expert team at ResultQuest® at 713/781-9040. Our thorough methods can provide you the knowledge you need for informed decisions.