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The sales force is the lifeblood of a corporation. A capable sales representative acquires new customers and keeps established ones coming back. However, when a sales rep sells out and begins the double-dealing act of secretly selling for the competition, the lifeblood that a company depends on becomes poisoned.

Companies typically invest a fortune in training their sales force to effectively sell their products or services, often entrusting them with confidential trade secrets and proprietary information. They are often given territorial exclusivity. Members of the force who establish strong sales records are often compensated so well they become quite wealthy. But with wealth sometimes comes greed.

The team at ResultQuest has regularly been called upon to investigate highly compensated sales representatives who were suspected of acting on their greed by allying themselves with the competition. Sadly, in the vast majority of cases, it was proven through investigative research and surveillance operations that the reps, did in fact, violate the trust of their employers, as feared.

  • In the instances where double-dealing was documented, there were normally some telltale signs that might have alerted the company earlier to the problem. They include:
    Living beyond their means: Purchases of homes or luxury items that exceed the level of known commissions or salary.
  • Multiple cell phones: To shield improper call activity of the competitors from company issued-devices; especially suspicious when calls from their spouse or other family are openly made or received on the company phone.
  • Frequent scheduling conflicts: Missing critical meetings and appointments, often with last minute excuses that do not pass the “smell test.”
  • The departure of longtime customers: Especially true of those who have never voiced a complaint, and/or those who will not respond to inquiries about the reason for leaving.

If you suspect a sales representative is engaged in an improper alliance with the competition, call the professionals of ResultQuest® at 713/781-9040. We will help you to develop an investigative plan to learn if your fears are justified.