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Key employees can be a tremendous asset to an organization. However, when such personnel feel as though they have been unfairly treated—right or wrong—they can be ripe for recruitment by competitors.

Members of specialized technical fields often consist of small circles of individuals who share their thoughts with one another, commonly via social media. Chronic complaints about perceived wrongs committed by one’s employer are likely to come to the attention of someone who might attempt to lure the employee away.

In a case worked by ResultQuest, an expert in a highly specialized discipline who had been voicing dissatisfaction with his employer was approached by a competitor, who made a job offer. Together, the employee and competitor conspired to circumvent a non-compete clause in the employee’s contract.

Our investigation helped to uncover the plot, and the employee was terminated for cause and, along with the competitor, was enjoined from violating the non-compete agreement. ResultQuest later monitored the activities of the former employee to ensure compliance.

It is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time. Some people are constantly in search of “greener pastures.” It is important to protect your investment in employees with unique skills by ensuring that they do not jump ship and sign on with competing companies who are willing to illegally sidestep contractual obligations.

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